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For more than ten years, Arteum has been managing with passion and professionalism gift shops and bookshops-gift shops of fine art museums, science museums, tourist monuments, zoos, aquariums, amusement parks and all recreational and culture orientated sites.




Since each site is unique, Arteum has developed a customised innovative retail and multichannel approach and expertise specific to the cultural and touristic distribution.

years of experience
million visitors
millions internet users
trademark licences
million euro turnover
wholesale outlets in 20 countries
products produced every year
35 000
book and product references
50 000
newsletter subscribers


Entrusting Arteum to manage your gift shop allows you improve visitors’ experience and increase financial performances.

Our values

Turn a satisfied visitor into a satisfied client
Deliver cultural values through books and meaningful products
Produce and select products with a high quality grade
Support the cultural activities of sites through royalties on turnover and micro-donations
Support the creators of whom we highlight the know-how by observing an eco-friendly charter
Work in close collaboration with sites in order to develop production and sales strategies


Lorraine DAUCHEZ CEO – Founder
Stéphane Saurue Deputy CEO
Stéphanie BERNÈDE Purchasing & Collections Director
Nicolas Aumas Administrative and Financial Director
Berty MEULLENAERE Director of Operations
Leïla ICHOU Development Manager
Céline BARBE Digital Marketing & Communication Manager


For more than ten years, Arteum has built a team of experts of distribution and production of touristic and cultural products. Our team of more than 100 employees is creative, technical and experimented. Our know-how was developed in synergy between sites, enabling each gift shop to benefit from the best business practices.


The first step consists in respecting and enhancing the identity and the brand strategy of the partner site. Each brand is unique. Positioning occurred over time according to the history of the site, its geographical location, collections and exhibitions, attractions, visitors’ profiles, carried values and event dynamics.

We make sure each gift shop has an architectural design and an assortment of products consistent with the identity of the site. The challenge for a gift shop is to achieve the alchemy between the content of the site and the sales performance.

For each partner we implement an e-commerce website, outside the walls distribution, brand licences (licencing) and co-branding operations.

These developments enable to increase the site reputation and generate multichannel additional revenue.

Store Design

A museum or tourist site bookshop - gift shop is first and foremost an atmosphere evoking the collections, the architecture and the values of the site where it is located.

The visual and sensory perception is fundamental to make the visitor feel like going inside, for his time in the gift shop to be a successful experience in the continuity of his visit and for the offer to be irresistible.

Arteum developed the know-how to design a place, its shop windows, its zones, its furniture, the customer itinerary and the structuring of the offer in space.

We take care to best define the specifications that will be left with the architect. Arteum systematically combines the choice of the best architects and designers to retail expertise for the design of each gift shop.

Musée des Arts Décoratifs BookShop

Visual Merchandising

Merchandising enables to stage products in the shop windows and gift shops in order to provoke the purchase act and thereby improve the conversion rate.

There are multiple missions: establish product presentation standards within merchandising books, take care to comply with the graphic charter of the site, assist and train the field actors (merchandisers, sales assistants) in the setting up of the products, with an objective to reconcile aesthetics and sales efficiency.

Numerous techniques are put in place, be it for the shop windows or placement plans: event tables, warm areas and cold areas, reading levels, facings, multi-placements, massification, theatrics, colour blocking, POP, labels, promotions, till products, etc. The objective is to be eye catching for the visitor and provoke impulsive purchasing.

Parc Zoologique de Paris store

Sourcing & producing products

Assortments are made from selected products (sourcing) and products produced in the colours of the site and exhibition brand (producing).

Our teams keep a constant close watch over our suppliers, trade shows and competition, in France and internationally. Different categories of products are defined according to sites, uses and visitors’ profiles: books, art and exceptional objects, children, fashion, stationery, souvenirs, gifts, etc. The construction and the renewal of ranges, the definition of themes and the creation of products with the site brands, in greatly varied universes, constitute a key know-how of Arteum.

Our contemporary approach and knowledge of the gift and souvenir markets over the last ten years allow us to create an exclusive and creative assortment, accessible to all types of clients. The ranges are systematically approved by the partner sites.

Arteum internalised the entire production chain of products: design with internal or external designers, manufacturing with referenced and specialised suppliers, management of licence fees, preferential selection of French designers and manufacturers to enhance the know-how of our heritage, and finally compliance with an eco-friendly approach.

From rare object to unusual souvenir, discovering the assortment must be a cultural enrichment and an enjoyment for visitors, with the same attractiveness as for the visit.

Musée de l’Armée BookShop

Book & media

The bookshop holds a central place in each of our gift shops. Books bring cultural, scientific and historical content that enriches and extends the visit experience.

We take care of showcasing the own editions of museums, particularly exhibition catalogues. Our expert booksellers carry out the selection of publications, CDs and DVDs and are on constant lookout for novelties and specialised editions. The objective is to reach out to a public of researchers seeking rare books, the general public, adults and young people. Arteum is very concerned about the reference characteristic of its bookshops, their event dynamics with author meetings and dedication sessions, to assist each of its partners in their knowledge transmission mission.

Musée du quai Branly - Jacques Chirac BookShop

HR & operations

The gift shop sales teams, the headquarters and our service providers carry out the necessary operations to manage a point of sale.

The first mission consists in recruiting, training and motivating the sales teams. With the help of temporary staff, we manage the very high seasonality linked to exhibitions and the highlights of the year. The second mission is linked to stock management: provisional management, anticipation of stock-outs, restocking with suppliers, reception on point of sale, control of invoices, temporary storage, placements, dealing with returns and inventories.

Finally, we ensure the upkeep and the maintenance of furniture, lighting, technical equipment and management information systems.

We install our retail, equipment, software and network solutions, and ensure maintenance and support to overcome technical problems. We monthly deliver to sites the key sales information: monthly turnover, daily turnover, turnover per product families, average ticket, bests, conversion rate, per cap, etc. This information is analysed with the site teams to adapt and improve the offer and the services brought to customers.

Team meeting

Activities & events

Arteum manages the bookshop gift shops as living areas, at the pace of events organised there, dedication sessions, meetings with creators, activity organisers, demonstrators, inaugurations, pop-ups and product launches, providing as many opportunities to reinforce links with customers around discoveries and moments of conviviality.

Each event is relayed by newsletters and social networks and can be an opportunity for a specific communication in the press.

Signature Jean-Charles de Castelbajac at Musée de l’Armée BookShop

Customer service

Retail is a trade of products but also and above all a trade of services.

Our sales teams are central in our organisation and ensure multiple services: welcome of customers, often foreign, information on products, personalised advice, activities, checkout, gift wraps, deliveries, duty-free slips, management of returns, after sales service, customer retention, etc.

Members of the sales teams speak several languages and regularly benefit from trainings on products, publications and collections of sites in order to bring the best service to each type of customer base. We pay great attention to children to whom we bring special care.

Within our sales teams we favour internal promotion and mobility between sites to develop synergies. The Arteum approach is first of all centred on improving visitors’ satisfaction rate.

Our teams at the service of customers

Digital & communication

Arteum suggests partner sites adhere to a multi-channel policy. The challenge is to set up a digital plan allowing sites to communicate with visitors before, during and after their visit. For each of its partners, Arteum creates an E-SHOP in white label, directly linked to the partner website and relayed on the Arteum marketplace, thus generating additional revenue. A digital communication is carried out in order to promote exhibitions, new products and events, to create customer loyalty and catch new targets.

Arteum set up a loyalty programme (sending newsletters, personalised offers and private sales) in order to establish a privileged relationship with the gift shop, as a place of reference.

Arteum entrusted the press relations to Agence 14 septembre, specialised in the field of the art of living: design, art trades, architecture, gastronomy, hotels, tourism…

For each of its partners, Arteum sets up a press communication and a social networks plan in order to develop the identity and the reputation of its gift shops.

Licence agent & out of walls distribution

As licence agent, Arteum supports the right holders in the following domains: Definition of the brand platform and the deployment strategy, in France as well as abroad. Construction of the brand image. Industrial licence and co-branding. Distribution of products under licence in France and abroad.

Arteum offers right holders access to a powerful and international distribution network.

Arteum developed a network of licence holders and wholesale distribution of 300 points of sale in 20 countries.

In order to develop its BtoB sales and its licence holder portfolio, Arteum takes part in the main international trade shows (Maison et Objets in Paris, 100% Design in London, etc.) and relies on its network of own corners and pop-up shops like at BHV Marais and Galeries Lafayette Haussmann.

The out of walls sales strategies developed for each site enable to increase brand influence and generate additional revenue.



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